We represent the nation?s largest collection of independently owned historic houses and gardens. We are here to ensure these historic homes stay alive and accessible for generations to come. Our family includes over 1,600 important historic houses, many with open doors, waiting to be explored. Typically, Historic Houses properties remain lived-in homes, and all of them have fascinating and distinctive stories to tell. Those houses that don’t open their doors to visitors on a regular basis often welcome people for weddings or events. Many of our houses have accommodation on site, from staying in luxurious rooms in the main house to glamping in a converted shepherd’s hut in the grounds. We work to support these houses, keeping them safe. We advise owners on anything from rising damp to hosting festivals, and we lobby government on their behalf. We award those houses that have completed exceptional restorations, have wonderful gardens, and work tirelessly to excel in educational innovation. And we work to further research into historic houses

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